Akdeniz Üniversitesi

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A Brief History of The School of Social Sciences

  Attached to the Ministry of National Education, the Vocational High School was founded in 1976 as a college, and then on July 20th 1982 it was established by legislative decree 41 as the  “Akdeniz in Antalya Vocational High School “, and started its educational activities in the Department of Economics and Administrative Programs

  Antalya Vocational High school was divided into the Schools of Technical Sciences and Social Sciences under Law No. 2547 in March 1993. The school included units for Social Sciences, Business Management, Accounting and Taxation, Tourism and Hotel

Management, Office Management, and Executive Assistant Marketing

-  Tourism and Travel Services
-  Banking and Insurance
-  Public Relations
-  Civil Aviation Management Program to be available later

High School’s Purpose

  To provide research and training services to increase the power of the community and organizations, to promote and ensure the development of society and organizations, to promote and ensure the development of society and institutions according to the need to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trained and qualified personnel at the national and international level.

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